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Grow Garden Box

Jumpstart your indoor garden, learn about plant care in an easy way, and connect with nature every day by building a GROW Garden Box.

Available in regular and large size – USPS priority shipping to USA only

What We Do

GROW is a biophilic design company based in South Florida.  We are passionate about helping people add nature into their indoor space, whether it be a an office, condo, or living room.  Come visit us at our store in downtown West Palm Beach to talk about plants, take a GROW Lab, or schedule an installation today!

Every Saturday night, let us bring more nature into your life through beautiful workshop collaborations at our downtown space at 314 Clematis Street, West Palm Beach, FL.

Starts at $35

We’ll consult with you to help you find the perfect way to add nature to your space.  We make living walls, succulent art,  and preserved moss pieces- custom for you.

By Appointment

Corporate development is where we got started.  We’ll come to your business and put on an event that is meant to foster team-building and positive mental health.   

Our Space Or Yours

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